Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Find Cheap Housing In LA

Los Angeles, ahh, the city of dreams. Every other street corner is nationally recognizable by name and you'll feel like the star you are when you walk down Wilshire or drive by Rodeo Drive.

Unfortunately, actually finding a place to live in LA is not as appealing. Due to the extreme cost of living it is rare to find someone who lives alone in a spacious apartment.  have moved 5 times in 3 months and I still haven't found my ideal place yet, but I am surviving.

Here are the 3 BEST ways to find a cheap place to live in LA.

Couch Surfing
There are loads of people in LA who are signed up with Couch Surfing, an online community that allows travelers to be hosted for free in the city that they plan to visit. Before I moved here I met an awesome woman by the name of Ariel who agreed to allow me to sleep on her couch for a week while I looked for a place to live.


Shared Housing
The shared housing concept is abundant in LA. There are entire management companies dedicated to providing this accommodation to transplants. Shared housing is very much like a hostel in that you rent a bunk bed and live in a house with around 20 other people. The difference between a hostel and shared housing is shared housing is rented month to month while hostels are for shorter stays and may be restricted to international travelers. You will pay from $325 a month to $550 a month for this type of housing.

You'll find these ads on Craigslist under shared housing. You'll meet lots of other people who are new to the city like you are and you'll be able to explore LA together.

24 Hour Spa
This is the most interesting way to find a comfortable place to sleep after moving to LA. There is a place called The Wi Spa on Wilshire that you can go to instead of a hotel. If you have a lot of luggage this place may not be for you because there is nowhere to store it but if you are traveling light with a couple of backpacks they offer a locker to keep your things.

The Wi Spa is a relaxing luxurious environment and yes, it is a Korean spa. You can take a hot shower, jump in the jacuzzi, sit in the sauna and relax on the rooftop deck. They have free computers and a restaurant on the premises. They also have sleeping rooms where you can lay down a mat and sleep for as long as you want in peace and quiet.

The only problem is, you can not LIVE there. You have to check out each day and can return the next day. Depending on when you arrive, you may find that the price is only $15. I used this option when I needed a break from my noisy roommates.

When you arrive bring as little with you as possible to make this transition easier! You can do this!

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