About Us

The Artists Might is a collaborative publicity effort created by Te-Erika Patterson. As an artist, she noticed that she stood alone in getting the word out about her creative work and it dismayed her. With no budget to hire a publicist, she set out to create and publicize her own brand as has become extremely successful. Balancing life as a blogger, single mother and waitress she created The Artists Might to help encourage other artists who were going for their dream of having their crafts exposed to the world.

The Artists Might provides inspirational interviews with highly visible artists, relevant news, tips and resources for balancing the artistic lifestyle while offering the key resources necessary to make it in the city of dreams- Los Angeles.

When you audition for a role the casting directors google you to see if you know how to market yourself. They want a PARTNER in promoting their product, not just a pretty face. 

Have your publicity needs taken care of for a one time donation any artist can afford. Artists who participate will stand together, combining their centralized fans, thereby receiving exposure they would not have received otherwise.

Join The Artists Might
To become a part of The Artists Might and have your creative work publicized by journalist and author Te-Erika Patterson please send an email to teerika [at] gmail.com.

For a nominal investment you can share your gift with the world by submitting all vital information, bookings, press clips, announcements or reels and your creative work will be broadcast across the internet via Twitter, Facebook  and this blog for 3 months by a journalist who knows how to identify and create newsworthy stories.

Email Te-Erika for guidelines on how to get started.

Don't give up! Your efforts have not been in vain. The world will know your name.