Friday, December 14, 2012

10 Things You Need To Know About Background Acting in LA

1. To register at a casting agency you will need a valid state issued ID and a social security card. It does not need to be a California ID.
2. You do not have to be beautiful.
3. Casting directors look for specific types, ages and weights, therefore everyone has a chance to work.
4. If you do not show up on time and behave professionally while on set you will be fired.
5. You will be hired more often if you have a skill. Learn how to skate, juggle or do yoga. Casting directors look for people who have real talents.
6. You will need your own wardrobe to be cast. Background actors wear their own clothes and are often asked to submit pictures of themselves in the desired type of outfit in order to be considered.
7. You can be a background actor because you own a car. They cast some people based on what types of cars they drive. They typically do not use red, white or black cars.
8. You don't have to spend any money to register to be a background actor.
9. You can be a background actor if you don't have transportation. The public transportation system allows you to travel freely here.
10. Background acting is a great way to network with other actors, agents and photographers.

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